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Friday, September 7, 2018

Final Day Of Intensified Search For Lisa Maas

Annan | by Claire McCormack  

A local man has brought in forensic experts to help find Lisa Maas who went missing in 1988.

The search for Lisa Maas, a 22 year old woman who disappeared after a house party in Woodford in 1988 continues.

Nick Oldrieve, founder of the missing person search tip website is working with a team of forensic experts this week to search for Mass' remains at an Annan farm and house property where he thinks she might be.

On Wednesday they dug up four wells on the property and a septic tank. They took a cadaver dog around the whole area, searched it with ground penetrating radar, and also dug up a buried garbage site on the property.

"So far I'm confident that we've disproved that Lisa is down two out of the four wells, she's not in the septic tank and that's all we've disproved at this point," says Oldrieve.

Thursday, the forensic team went through a number of dirt piles where they found cow bones down the wells.

Oldrieve says a pond is being drained and they're searching that today.

Oldrieve says the forensic team is sifting through everything that came out of the wells. "It is possible that we pulled up remains of animals, remains of a human, and the forensic team is going though that today."  

As for the pond, which is large, Oldrieve is draining it and pumping the water into another nearby pond. He says there's a lot of garbage in it including a snowmobile they know went through the ice years ago. "If there's a snowmobile on that pond and we can't see it, then I mean there's obviously other things in that pond maybe that we can uncover."

Meanwhile they also received a tip from a man who says he found a shallow grave while hunting in Annan back in 1989.

They'll explore that with a cadaver dog and forensic team today.

He says the man thought it might be someone's strange way of disposing of a deer carcass, but since he's heard of the search thinks maybe it wasn't because Mass' car was found on the other side of the wooded area.

Oldrieve wouldn't call himself hopeful about any of the locations but admits "I'm intrigued by all of these locations."

He says he's in awe of all the support they've been getting in their search from machinery loaned by local developer Barry Kruisselbrink, the ground penetrating radar from Sensors in Software in Mississauga, the cadaver dog and forensic experts who have come from the GTA to volunteer. "Everyone's just been fantastic to help us disprove this property or find Lisa."

The lead forensic expert is Tracy Rogers who has worked on the Robert Pickton case in Port Coquitlam BC in 2002-2003.

But while there is plenty of support in the community, Oldrieve says "There are a few people out there that obviously don't want us to find Lisa, and I just want them to know that we're going to. They're putting off the inevitable."

Oldrieve was also recently involved in finding the body of 55 year old Terry Schope in the Owen Sound Harbour. Schope had gone missing in June and was found in July.

Tips that were submitted to their website also helped locate the body of 20 year old Nolan Panchyshyn in the Dornoch area in March.

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