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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Brockton Looks To Update Special Events Bylaw

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Municipality working with OPP in hopes of preventing parties like last Spring's Prom

Brockton is dusting off its Special Events bylaw to see if it can be used to thwart a repeat of last May’s After Prom Party that may very well go down as this region’s most infamous one ever. (May 27th)

Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak says over 14 hundred youth from four counties attended the ticketed event. (property owner sold tickets to attend)

In the span of just three hours police responded to 14 calls for service including two sexual assaults an assault with a weapon and an impaired that resulted in a foot pursuit.

In addition to the calls for service officers assisted paramedics with several youth that were in medical need due to their consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.

Officers from surrounding counties were called in to assist local police with overtime hours.

Gieruszak says Brockton wants to do whatever it can to discourage a party of this magnitude from taking place on a private property again.

As such Brockton will be going over its Special Events bylaw which deals with large gatherings with the OPP to ensure the bylaw will be followed in the future.

Gieruszak says it is not that local police were not prepared or proactive to the very well advertised After Prom Party.

According to the Police Service Board minutes, the local School Resource Officer met with the host prior to the party to review with her the possible consequences of hosting such an event.

According to the Police Service Board the host was not receptive to the officer and did not appreciate the conversation.

It is Gieruszak’s hope that by working with OPP now, Brockton can ensure its bylaws are up to date and upheld to prevent another party of this magnitude from happening with youth.

Along with working with police, Gieruszak says Brockton also needs to work with local high schools in an attempt to discourage parties like the May 27th After Prom from ever happening.

He says the safety and well being of youth is what has motivated Brockton to do this.

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