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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pharmacist Wants Naloxone In Elementary Schools

Grey Bruce | by John Divinski  

Bluewater District School Board has been asked to consider putting kits in schools.

The Bluewater District School Board has been asked to consider putting naloxone kits in elementary schools in the public system.

The kits are already available in secondary schools.

Pharmacist Kristen Watt, part of a 3-person delegation to the board's Committee of the Whole meeting on October 2nd, says the trio believes naloxone is a life-saving medication and putting them into the elementary schools would be more for the adults in those schools but would be available to students if needed.

Watt says naloxone is an opioid reversal which helps a person to start breathing again, if they have overdosed on opioids.

She says when you ingest too much opioid, it goes to the brain and depresses the breathing centres and you develop short, shallow breathing and eventually you're breathing stops.

Watt says she believes the request is timely because opioid use and misuse is widespread.

She says the opioid crisis in Bruce and Grey is high and statistics show the proper and improper uses of the drugs are much higher than in the big cities, per capita.

Watt says besides having them in schools and with first responders, anyone can pick up a free naloxone kit at their pharmacy.

She says the kit, contained in a black case with the word naloxone on it, contains two nasal sprays which can be used in case of an overdose.

The person affected, doesn't have to inhale the spray as it will be absorbed through the nose.

If they don't wake up in a minute or two, you spray it on the other side and if you use it, you must call 9-1-1.

Watt says the naloxone does not have adverse effects and if a person using it has not overdosed, they won't be hurt at all.

Watt owns and operates Kristen's Pharmacy in Southampton and Kincardine.

She was part of a group made up of family physician Dr. Tara Somerville and Addict and Attic Outreach Services founder Matthew McCoy.

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