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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Bluewater District School Board Talks Survey

Chesley | by John Divinski  

BWDSB says 500 people took part in an online survey for next year's budget.

Some 500 people have had their say on next year's Bluewater District School Board budget through an online survey.

Superintendent of Business Services and Treasurer Rob Cummings is impressed with the 500 who took part in the survey saying it's more than double what they had last year.

He says he's not concerned that people didn't want to attend the 4pm Business Committee meeting.

Cummings says the survey shows overwhelmingly that people prefer an online survey as opposed to making a verbal presentation.

He says the results of the survey aren't much different than they've been in the past as participants called on the board to maintain its strong programming but control the costs.

Cummings admits a lot of the things that are in the news, like staffing and class sizes, played a big part in the survey this year as well.

Some of the programs and services mentioned include:  reading, writing and math skills; mental health well-being and technological education.

Cummings did not provide a definitive or even ball park number on the 2019-2020 budget yet as they have to wait on the Provincial budget coming down on April 11th which might show what the Progressive Conservatives are thinking, when it comes to "grants for student needs."

Bluewater's budget for 2018-19 was locked in at $220-million.

The board has to have next year's budget on the books before the end of June.

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