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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Potential Source Water Protection Cuts

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Bill 108 the ‘More Homes, More Choice Act’ will enable provincial cuts.

Proposed to changes to Bill 108 the ‘More Homes, More Choice Act’ will enable provincial cuts to Source Water Protection.

This may impact the joint Saugeen Conservation, Grey Sauble and North Bruce Peninsula Source Water Protection program

Saugeen Conservation Authority Chair Dan Gieurszak says proposed changes to Bill 108 could mean significant Ministry funding cuts to the local Source Water Protection program.

Under the proposed changes it could mean a loss of 200 thousand and possibly rising to 400 thousand dollars in Provincial funding dollars.

This potential 400 thousand dollar loss includes the potential cut of 200 thousand dollars in Ministry funding towards Source Water Protection monitoring and updating costs as well as another 200 thousand dollars in future Risk Management expenses.

This potential loss of funding would have to be downloaded to municipalities to cover.

Gieruszak says the local Source Water Management Protection Committee will be looking at ways to reduce costs without sacrificing safety as a means of lessening the impact to the lower tier municipalities.

He says Conservation Ontario as well as local Conservation Authorities are committed to working with the Province to reduce red tape while still providing quality service without sacrificing safety.

If and once passed, Bill 108 will have a significant impact on Conservation Authorities.

Under the proposed Bill, Conservation Authorities would only be able to levy their local municipalities for four mandatory programs:

-Drinking Water Source Protection
-Natural Hazards
-Conservation Areas Owned by Conservation Authorities and
-Lake Simcoe Protection (which would not apply to this region)

The local Source Water Protection Committee is made up of the Saugeen Conservation Authority, Grey Sauble Conservation Authority and North Bruce Peninsula.


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