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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Teacher Layoffs Mitigated in Bluewater Board

Grey Bruce | by John Divinski  

Top-up funding comes in to ensure no teachers are laid off this year due to class size changes.

The Bluewater Secondary School teacher layoff notices have been cut back by more than half, as top-up funding from the provincial government has come in.

It was a month ago, that we heard from Bluewater Director of Education Alana Murray that 92 notices of potential layoffs were being sent to high school teachers.

Murray now says only 42 secondary school teachers are currently on the layoff list.

She says with the funding received from the Ministry of Education to lessen the blow of front-line job losses, due to class sizes increasing to 28 from 22, they were able to get 50-teachers back on the payroll.

"We have received sufficient money to not have to layoff any secondary teacher due to class size changes," Murray says. 

The 42 teachers still without jobs for next year, are now in the recall process which is an annual event and then based on pending enrolment and requested leaves by teachers, will dictate who will get called back.

You may recall 62 Education Assistants got layoff notices as well last month, however Murray says some work has been done to re-organize Bluewater's special education services and the money will be shifted to add some EAs back into the system.

She says, "We anticipate that a significant number that are on layoff now, will be recalled."

Murray says she expects the layoffs to 15 elementary teachers and to the 4 early childhood educators to hopefully flatten out by time the next school year begins.

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