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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Southampton Students Donate to Hospital

Saugeen Shores | by John Divinski  

The four students held a bake sale May 13.

G.C Huston students donate to SMHF 

Four 10-year-old girls, one idea and the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation is the recipient of $462..

The kids decided on a bake sale held May 13th to raise some money for the Foundation.

Samantha Acton says she and her friends had to plan the event from scratch with teacher Rebecca Smith overseeing the project.

Cassie Richardson says it was a success with some 300 people attending.

Rosalie Catalan said she wasn't surprised with the popularity as they had a great selection of goodies such as cookies, skor bars, brownies and rice squares.

Catalan admits though, the team did have to try out some of the wares, but she assures us, it was damaged goods that probably wouldn't sell anyway.

Olivia Lamont says they were happy to support a good cause as they were remembering a friend who was in hospital recently and they wanted to do something for the facility.

Executive Director of the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation Tracy Murray was on hand to receive the money and said, "It warms her heart," when children step up to help out.

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