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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Municipalities Expected To Face Higher Costs Under New Inter-Library Loan Program

Grey Bruce | by Robyn Garvey  

Hanover councillor views new system as provincial downloading.

The inter library loan program may be back, but the way it is being delivered is causing some libraries to think twice about using it.

Under the new model all books will be shipped via Canada Post rather than courier vans.

The Hanover Library is going to take the next month to determine if it is in it’s best financial interest to participate in the inter library loan program again.

Not only is this new method expected to increase Hanover staff time by 30 percent, but Chief Librarian Agnes Rivers-Moore says it will also have a negative financial impact with price of postage and materials. (envelopes)

Rivers-Moore says the average postage price to ship a library through Canada Post is about $2 per package.

She says this could prove quite costly, especially considering the fact that over the last year, Hanover loaned out 2.5 times more books through the inter-library loan program then it received.

This means Hanover shipped more than 26 hundred books to other libraries across the province, while only bringing in 1 thousand inter library loan books for local use.

The Southern Ontario Library Service(SOLS) has indicated they will provide partial postage reimbursement to libraries using the new inter library loan model.

However, libraries do not know how much they will be reimbursed or when this partial reimbursement will begin?

What Rivers-Moore says she does know from SOLS is that all 24 courier drivers positions have been lost along with 5 other SOLS staff positions.

She adds the 50% Provincial funding slash to SOLS 2019 budget remains the same as well.

Councilor Steve Fitzsimmons says this new inter library loan model will make it difficult for Hanover to absorb the extra costs associated with it.

He calls the new Canada Post shipping method a form of provincial downloading on libraries.

He says the Hanover Library is going to have to seriously weigh its options , based on past numbers, Fitzsimmons is concerned Hanover may end up subsidizing other libraries under the new model.

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