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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Saugeen Shores Police Headquarters Update

Saugeen Shores | by Megan Johnson  

Saugeen Shores Police Chief Mike Bellai is hopeful for an October Opening

Construction on the new 15,000 sq ft Police Headquarters is on-going.  

Progress for the new 15,000 square-ft Police Headquarters in Saugeen Shores is moving along with interior painting underway.

Saugeen Shores Police Chief Mike Bellai says things are starting to shape up for occupancy in the Fall.

'Once it's completed, hopefully sometime in August... we will have to move in furniture and its a very high-tech building, so we've got to learn the building and move in all the I.T. (information technology) and computers."

Chief Bellai hopes by October the new station will be running and says the Saugeen Shores Police Service will be organizing tours around the newly constructed facility.

"We will organize some community walk-through's and tours...and once schools are back in, we will organize some tours. I'm sure the kids would love to see it."

Saugeen Shores council budgeted $6.8 million-dollars for a new headquarters after their current 6,000 square-ft facility proved to be too small.

In charge of the new build is Allen-Hastings Limited of Owen Sound.

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