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Monday, November 4, 2019

Positive Progress on Cargill Entranceway Fundraiser

Cargill | by Robyn Garvey  

Committee has already raised $354K.

(municipality of Brockton image) 

When it comes to fundraising, the people of Cargill and area excel.

In less than three years the Cargill Entranceway fundraising committee has raised 354 thousand of the 486 thousand dollars they have pledged to raise.

This is in thanks to the financial support through donations, fundraisers, grants and reserve funds.

Cargill Entranceway Committee Member Spokesperson Gail Lippert says this just leaves a balance of $132 thousand left to go. ($131,676.00)

She is confident with continued support of the community and a few more fundraising events they will be able to burn this mortgage in a year or two's time.

The Entranceway Project included: a new addition consisting of an expanded accessible entranceway, larger meeting room, orderly cloak room and barrier-free washrooms to create a more useful and energy efficient space.

The new entranceway opened in June.

The project cost was 810 thousand dollars, in which Brockton is financing 40 percent of the cost with the remaining 60 percent to be raised through fundraising, donation and grant dollars.

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