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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Tell Owen Sound Police How They're Doing In A Survey

Owen Sound | by Claire McCormack  

Now is your chance to tell police what you want them to focus their efforts on.

Now is your chance to tell city police what you think they can do better and what you want them to focus their efforts on.

A survey asking the public how the Owen Sound Police Service is doing at policing is now online.

The data from the completed survey will help the Police Services Board create a Police Business Plan for the next three years in the city.

The hope is to find out how people feel about services delivered, responses to policing issues and asks for any additional comments and input on the three year plan.

Police business plans typically pinpoint priorities in areas like community safety and well-being.
That could include crime prevention, collaborating with other community services, law enforcement, traffic management, financial priorities, staffing, tech capabilities and so on.

It's a sixteen-question survey online and in print. Print versions can be found at various locations around the city including at the police station.

The link is available at: or at or you can access the survey from our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages.


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