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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Firefighters Fill the Shelves at Local Food Bank

Saugeen Shores | by Craig Power  

The Saugeen Shores Firefighters held their Annual Food Drive Saturday, Nov. 25th, 2017.

When it comes to giving, there's no shortage of it in Saugeen Shores, especially at the Holiday Season.
On Saturday, November 25th (2017), the Saugeen Shores Firefighters held their Annual Food Drive at three locations in town; Walmart in Port Elgin, The Independent in Port Elgin and Foodland in Southampton.
In just one day alone, firefighters and volunteers managed to bring in 2,387 lbs. of food donations and an impressive $2,457.00 dollars in monetary donations.
Organizer Lorne Currie couldn't be happier with this year's results.
"It was amazing this year, how the people responded," says an elated Currie. "It says a lot about our community, we all come from different walks of life, from different occupations, it's amazing whether it's this (the food drive) or other situations of helping families in need, the community of Saugeen Shores has always given 150 percent effort to help the cause and make life a little bit easier for those that are struggling locally."
Currie says all of the food donations have been sent to the local food bank in Port Elgin, run by the Salvation Army and he notes the donations were very much needed, especially at this time of the year.
"When we got the food to the Salvation Army there on Bricker Street, Donna mentioned that the shelves were looking pretty skimpy so they more than thankful to receive the food and the money donations," adds Currie.
All of the food and money donations will be dispersed and used within the confines of the Saugeen Shores Community.

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